CSN Productions, LLC strives  to enrich the lives of others by  combining art and life lessons through original creations that include theater, music and dance.

Training is essential!  CSN engages qualified artists who train youth and adults with solid results, e.g. CSN students  attend schools/colleges specializing in the arts; become soloists in their churches; audition for, and land roles in stage plays.

CSN Studio is serene and welcoming, and provides an atmosphere that encourages creativity!  It’s a place where something special happens.


To the World of Performing Arts


“The energy  of  CSN is so inspiring.  It makes me want to be better.”  “I’ve learned so many  skills. My confidence is greatly improved! Thank you CSN!”  “I enjoy CSN...the plays, music, programs...the cultural venue!...Great!  I attend a function at least once a month!”                                                                                                     


“I  just love this place!”  “ I wish the program was longer!”  “The final performance was the best day  of  my life!”  “ I live in West Virginia, but I’m coming back next summer!”                                                                                                              


Interns soar at CSN 2015 Summer  Youth Arts Studio.  Egypt Staley and Briana Hadley tied 1st Place in the Urban Affairs Coalition Online Portfolio Competition.

Cultivating Something Special                                                                 Nurturing Something Great. Studio 3015A     3510 Scotts Lane   Scotts Mills Studios  Philadelphia, PA  19129 Carolyn Sims-Nesmith, Founder/Director     215-219-7200    csnproductionsllc@yahoo.com