About Us

CSN Studio - a place where something special happens

CSN Family consists of artists and students from various skill and experience levels that are striving to learn, grow, and share.

Programs include:

Voice Class;

First Friday Live Performances; Historic Freedom Choir of Philadelphia (Resident Group)

CSN Productions, LLC was founded by Carolyn Sims-Nesmith in 2011.  Its mission is to  enrich the lives of people through the arts.  As founder of the Historic Freedom Choir of  Philadelphia, and in her role as a playwright; music director, composer; coach and Education Director of the Prince Music Theater, she was able to witness first hand the undeniable positive impact of the arts.  Today  CSN Productions, LLC has created a place for people to experience something unique and special.

Youth About Us Cultivating Something Special                                                                 Nurturing Something Great

Youth, ages 7 -16 are trained in music, dance, and  theater by professional artists.The program specializes in original plays.