Theatre/Music/A Night Out

Voice Class for Adults provide training in techniques, such as breathing, how to effectively use diaphragm; enunciation; tonality, and control.  Students close the year’s training with a Christmas Recital.  Classes are designed to meet  the needs of the individual student.


“I moved from not hardly being heard to singing leads and solos!”  “My voice is stronger....with clearer tones!  Sometimes I surprise myself!”

Plays featuring some of the most talented actors,  with music by the unforgettable, unique sounds of the Historic Freedom Choir of Philadelphia, keep audiences filling up the serene, intimate CSN Studio during First Friday.  Terri Lyons, author, poet, and spoken word artist, wows us with her

prose. Included in this event is scrumptious food, bargain shopping, networking opportunities, and  a good time!

The Historic Freedom  of Philadelphia combines music and theater and packs houses with productions that include “A Serpent’s Tongue” and “When A Man Loves a Woman”. This group was founded by Carolyn Sims-Nesmith; and were originally a part of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s  organization).  They had the honor of singing for the late, Honorable Nelson Mandella upon his release from prison. Mainstage tours include New Orleans, Richmond, Kansas City,  Minnesota, and Detroit.

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